On Monday, when I first wrote about someone stealing money from customers of TD Bank in Northfield, there seemed to be just a few isolated incidents of theft of cash through ATM account "skimming". But as the investigation has progressed, the amount of people coming forward to say they've also been victims has grown.

The number of bank customers who have funds taken from their bank accounts by thieves using a skimming device,  which allows the crooks to gain access to the customers bank account and PIN numbers,  now includes 15 people from the Northfield branch of TD Bank alone and 26 people when including  TD Bank branches in Brigantine and Egg Harbor Township.

Tuesday, Lower Township Police reported ATM skimming thefts from a Bank of America branch.

Here's a picture of the skimming device used by this crook...

Police urge you to be very careful and look for anything suspicious with an ATM before using it.

Your help is also needed in helping to identify the man pictured in this blog from bank surveillance video. He is considered a person of interest to the investigation.  Contact the police if you recognize him

Here's a link to some tips for safeguarding your money while using ATM's.