A New Jersey newlywed has her engagement ring back, but not before a frantic two weeks.

Carly Booth, the wife of a Margate lifeguard, forgot she had placed the ring and her wedding band on her lap as she applied two weeks ago, on the beach in Margate.

After leaving the beach, she returned two hours later when she realized she never put the rings back on. A search, which included dozens of strangers, turned up nothing.

On Sunday, Don Spivack, of Union, happened to be standing by the water’s edge when he felt something by his toe. Guess what that something was?

Spivack tells The Press of Atlantic City he saw something sparkling and knew the ring likely belonged to the wife of the lifeguard who had lost it.

Spivack immediately returned the ring to Booth’s husband.

However, the wedding band remains missing.

Also, congratulations to the Margate Lifeguards for winning the 22nd annual Atlantic City Lifeguard classic on the beach yesterday in Atlantic City. Margate surged from 8th place to 1st by winning the last race, the 1,000-foot singles row.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)