If I told you last week that a Miss America contestant would get up on the Boardwalk Hall stage and bang on a red plastic cup, and then, a short time later, win the title, you would think I was joking.

But that's what happened last night, as Miss New York Kira Kazantsev became the new Miss America 2015 with help from a red solo cup.

For her talent performance, Kazantsev chose to sing Pharrell William's song "Happy" while sitting cross-legged on the stage and banging on a plastic cup, a la "Pitch Perfect".  In the 2012 movie, Anna Kendrick's character auditions for an a capella group by performing rhythmically with a cup.  The movie was Kazantsev's inspiration.

"The reason why I chose to do that talent is I wanted every single little girl in America to be able to see that you can do that talent — you can do whatever talent you want on national television — even with a red cup — and still be Miss America and have the time of your life," Kazantsev said.

"I literally in that minute and 30 seconds had the most fun I've ever had, and that's because I stayed true to myself and I did what I wanted to do for my talent, no matter what everybody else told me, and it paid off. I'm very happy about it."

Kazantsev, who is the third straight Miss New York to win Miss America, has a platform of combating sexual assault in the military.  She also plans to speak out against domestic violence during her reign as Miss America.

This morning, though, all anyone seems to be talking about is her "talent".

Watch the video and then let me know how you feel about Kira's performance in the comments section below.