Last winter it seemed as though Memorial Day was never going to get here.  The winter felt endless and wind chills below zero were common on several occasions.  But somehow we all survived the bone-chilling winter of 2015, and now Memorial Day 2015 is almost upon us...finally.  And I must say I am so ready!!

I know what you're probably thinking...the crowds are coming to invade our beaches and boardwalks.  Soon we will no longer be able to park wherever we want.  It will take longer to get to where we're going.  The bridges will be up more frequently when we're trying to get to work.  But those are just some of the trade-offs we deal with to live where others want to visit.  We don't have to get away to a vacation spot in the summer.  We're already here!  Not such a bad deal, when you stop and think about it.

And this Memorial Day, stop and think about the real meaning of Memorial Day. It's more than just the unofficial kick-off to the summer season.  So while you're out enjoying the beach, boardwalk and parks, don't forget to thank a veteran.  Without them, we would not be able to enjoy our nation...from sea to shining sea.  :)