Through a series of life-changing incidents, Maureen Hancock has been left with the ability to communicate with the dead.


The self-described soccer mom has used this unique power to help others get in touch with departed loved ones, including victims of 9/11, cancer and homicides.

Now, the author of “Psychic in Suburbia” and host of the popular live show, “Postcards from Heaven” is bringing her show to South Jersey for a night at the Levoy Theater in Millville, July 18th.  See more information and purchase tickets right now.

Maureen has agreed to do a select number of readings with me on the Lite Rock Morning Show. If you are interested in having a radio reading with Maureen Hancock on the Lite Rock Morning Show, contact me at or call me in the morning at 1-800-969-WFPG.

This week, Grace from Ventnor was our featured radio reading.  Maureen picked up a strong signal from both of Grace's deceased parents and the result was emotional for Grace and fascinating for anyone listening.
Click the link to hear Maureen Hancock's reading of Lite Rock listener Grace from Ventnor...