The days are getting short and the ground will soon be  cold and hard, so you'll be excused if you're not thinking of gardening lately, but maybe you should be.  The Atlantic County Master Gardeners Program beginning in January,  offers amateur gardeners the chance to really learn the science behind growing & planting from the faculty at Rutgers University...

The program, offered through the Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Atlantic County, gives you in-depth training in horticulture in exchange for volunteer time spent working on community gardening and landscape projects and on the program's help line answering gardening questions.  There is a fee to cover material and program costs.

The Master Gardeners have transformed and maintain the beautiful landscape at the Atlantic City Aquarium in Gardeners Basin and tend the Demo Gardens where they grow asparagus, summer squash, strawberries, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers and all kinds of tasty things.

If you like the idea of gardening but lack the knowledge to do it, here's a good way to receive that training and help our part of the Garden State live up to its name. Applications are now being accepted for classes beginning January 3rd, 2012.