Shark Week came early to South Jersey this year.  Recently the big news was Mary Lee, the great white spotted off the coast of NJ.  Suddenly everyone was tracking her whereabouts, and they still are.  And I was totally excited about the whole ordeal!

A few weeks ago I met a diver for Shark Week, and I was in complete awe of the guy.  For me, It was like meeting a celebrity or a rock star!  I told him that sharks are one of my obsessions.  When he asked why, I actually had no idea.  I think it all started when I saw the movie 'Jaws' back in the day.  I wasn't obsessed with sharks or scary movies at the time.  But I loved the beach and everything about it for as long as I can remember, even though I grew up hours from the shore.

So I saw the movie, and then a week later I went to visit my older sis in Newport, RI.  The beach was beautiful there, but I (along with pretty much everyone) was afraid to go in the water.  Eventually I got over that, which is a good thing since I live near the beach and love going there.  Most beach lovers count the days till Memorial Day.  Not me.  I count the days till Shark Week.  :)