Cindy Ord / Stringer / Getty Images[/caption]On this date back in 1979, James Taylor played a free concert in New York's Central Park to help the city's campaign to restore the park's Sheep Meadow.  And tomorrow he plays another concert, this time a sold-out show at Borgata's Event Center.  And this one's definitely not free.  But I know it will be worth every penny.

Thanks to my older siblings, I grew up listening to James Taylor.  I listened to his albums, and I listened to my brother and sister playing his songs on their guitars.  James Taylor's music brings me so many good memories.  Plus I've seen him live several times, and one thing's for sure...his performances are always consistent and always classy.  He was (and still remains) a great songwriter/storyteller as well as an all-around nice guy.

And believe it or not, James Taylor recently earned his very first number one album on the Billboard chart with "Before the World".  This came after 45 years of waiting!  That is one patient man.  In June the album arrived at the top of the chart, more than 45 years after "Sweet Baby James" hit the chart in March of 1970.  Sweet!

If you get the chance to see James Taylor tomorrow night, You've (definitely) Got a Friend...and his name is JT.  :)