C'mon, ladies...I know you wanna see 'Magic Mike XXL', don't ya??  Well, grab your girlfriends and get ready for a good time!  Trust me on this one.  'Magic Mike XXL' is XXL Fun!!

OK...here's the storyline (not that you really need it).  Mike Lane (Channing Tatum) is a former male dancer.  He actually misses the gig and especially misses his former dancer buddies.  They all get together again and decide to perform in Myrtle Beach at a stripper convention.  Oh my!  What could be more fun than that??  The answer is...nothing!!  You'll see...

That should be enough to convince you to go see this movie.  But just in case it's not, here's more.  Gabriel Iglesias is funny as their emcee/driver (and no, he's not a dancer,  though that might be even funnier!).  Michael Strahan (as in 'Live! with Kelly and Michael) appears in the movie, and he is a dancer.  His cameo alone is definitely worth the price of admission.  And Channing Tatum's performance is not too shabby either.  LOL.

So, ladies, get ready for an evening of pure entertainment and laughs.  'Magic Mike XXL' is the perfect Girls' Night Out.  :)