March is here and I couldn’t be happier.  Actually I could be happier, if summer were here.  But I’ll take March. 

What makes March so special?  Well, it’s way better than February.  March is awesome for two reasons:  Daylight Savings Time and the start of spring are both in March.  I still have to do the old ‘Spring Forward, Fall Behind’ thing in my head every year, so I can get it right.  And although we lose an hour, it’s so worth it.  Like most people, I love that it gets dark an hour later and the days keep getting longer.  There’s nothing worse than going to work when it’s dark and cold outside.  Ugh.  That is no fun at all.  It’s so much nicer to leave the house when it’s still light out.

And the best thing about spring is that before you know it, summer’s here!  Ah, summertime!  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Spring is nice too, and the day I can go from boots to flip flops is a very good day indeed.

But beware the month of March because it can be very deceiving, to say the least.  One day you’re wearing a little spring hoodie, and the next day you’ve got your winter parka back on.  Just when you think winter’s over, it comes back to bite you one more time, or a couple more times.  And every single year at this time I think about a day in March when it snowed.

The year was ’93.  You just never know about March.  I will always remember that snowy day in March twenty years ago like it was yesterday.  And in spite of the fact that it was snowing in March, it was a day that always warms my heart, for that was the day I brought my beautiful little baby girl home for the first time.

Good thing I packed my boots and winter parka.