Valerie Macon/Getty Images[/caption]"Mr. Turner" is a biographical film about the career of British artist J.M.W.Turner (1775–1851), who is played by Timothy Spall.  Spall does a fine job portraying the eccentric painter.  Turner's life was full of emotional turmoil, including the death of his father.  Turner is loved by two very different women, and that can certainly create even more turmoil.

One of the women is his housekeeper and the other is his landlady.  Both women were able to see that beyond his rough exterior was a man full of passion.  That passion leads Turner to travel the countryside and paint the landscape and the sea.  The scenery is beautiful and breathtaking.  Turner goes to great lengths to capture it all on canvas.  His creations are met with both praise and criticism.  But through it all, the artist remains true to himself.  And in my book, that makes for a good film.  :)