Kevin Winter/Getty Images[/caption]In the flick "Inherent Vice", Joaquin Phoenix plays private detective Larry "Doc" Sportello.  He lives in a Cali beach town and spends a good deal of his time smoking marijuana.  But he's basically a harmless guy with a good heart.  His latest case revolves around his former girlfriend, who comes to him for help, then disappears herself.

I must admit that "Inherent Vice" seemed more like "Incoherent Vice" at times.  The drama film/thriller (or whatever it was supposed to be) was a bit hard to follow at times.  And it wasn't because the plot was so deep.  It was because the characters were kinda "out- there".  And maybe it was just me, but more than once I wasn't sure which woman was his former girlfriend and which one was narrating the story.  I couldn't quite tell them apart at times.  I think even if I saw the movie again, I still would be a bit confused.  LOL

But Joaquin Phoenix did a nice job with his character, and what a character he was.  He was a funny, interesting guy who made the movie quite entertaining.  So, why not check it out?  It just might entertain you spite of some incoherent characters.  :)