I read something recently that really stuck in my head.

Singer Rob Thomas wrote on his Facebook wall, “When I see someone eat alone at the diner counter, I feel bad for them and envy them at the same time.”

And why does this strike a chord with me? I know it’s because I could very well be that person eating alone at the diner counter.

While I don’t remember the last time I actually ate alone at a diner counter (or whether I ever ate at a diner counter at all), I would have no problem doing it. In fact, just last night I wanted to try one of the specials at an Atlantic City casino restaurant.

When I mentioned that I was going to the bar there for dinner, a friend asked if I was meeting someone. When I told her no, she looked surprised and seemed as though she felt really bad for me.

But I told her it was no big deal. And really it wasn’t. Come to think of it, I do a lot of things alone. I always go to the gym alone, and the beach, and shows after work, and the movies. I’m not even sure how this all started.

Years ago when I first worked in radio I was on overnights, so of course I worked alone. And at the time I also lived alone. With my somewhat wacky schedule it was easier to simply do things alone than try to find someone to join me.

Fast forward several years to now, and basically I’m back to my old ways. But please don’t feel bad for me if you see me sitting alone at the movies eating a bag of popcorn. And who knows…I might even invite you to join me. But you’ll definitely have to get your own bag of popcorn.