When Margate and Longport residents were finally allowed back to their homes Thursday afternoon, the returning Hurricane Sandy evacuees were unpleasantly surprised to find they had to pay a $1.50 toll to get back into town.  Residents of Downbeach are familiar with the Causeway toll, but had expected tolls to be waived  in this case, because the Causeway was the only road authorized for re-entry four days after the island was evacuated for Hurricane Sandy.

For most locals, the idea that the Hansen Family, which owns the Causeway, was profiting from residents returning to access hurricane damage to their homes was hard to comprehend.  Social media outlets like Facebook blew up with derogatory comments about the company's lack of community spirit.  Talk about a bad marketing decision- the Hansens blew it and lots of people let them know it !

Well, the causeway owners heard the furor!  The company quickly changed their toll policy Thursday  night, waiving tolls through Sunday at 6pm and donating the tolls already taken to the Red Cross. Now, was that so hard?