Where there are two bedbugs, there's probably more bedbugs. That manner of thinking has lead to several bedbug rumors and false reports over the past week at Atlantic City High School.

In the days since two bedbugs were found in a classroom last week, three more unsubstantiated reports about sightings of the critters have been made at the school.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, two bedbugs were found in a classroom on May 6th and one student was bitten and sent to the nurse.

Assistant Superintendent Sherry Yahn said the normal protocol was followed for dealing with bedbugs, which includes disinfecting the contents of the room and treatment from an exterminator. Parents of students in the room were notified.

Two more reports of bedbug sightings in classrooms were made the next day, and although they were unsubstantiated, the rooms were cleaned and disinfected.

This Tuesday, a report of a bedbug was made in the school cafeteria.  Again, nothing was found, but crews were called in to do a thorough cleaning.

After all, those blood suckers don't travel alone and with bedbugs, it's definitely better to be safe than sorry.