Mainland Regional High School  History Teacher Chris Connolly is tasked with helping his ninth grade history class make sense of the Watergate scandal and the Nixon era.  That would be a hard enough job with those old enough to remember the turbulent days of the 1970's, let along with students born over 25 years later.

But that's the job, and Connolly is up to it.  Using a relaxed and personal teaching style to which the students can relate, Chris Connolly has been teaching history at Mainland Regional High School for 14 years.

Mr. Connolly is the Lite Rock Teacher of the Month for May.  David Wilson, is one of the students who have benefited from Connolly's teaching style and his power to explain, which is why he nominated him as the Teacher of the Month.

We have one more opening for a Lite Rock Teacher of the Month in the 2012-13 school year.  If you know of a deserving teacher, put in a nomination.

David Wilson is now in the running for a $2000 scholarship from Lite Rock.  Chris Connolly wins a membership to Island Gym for being selected as the Lite Rock Teacher of the Month.

Another part of the the prize for Teacher of the Month is a Lite Rock pizza party for the winning teacher's class.  Thursday, armed with a half-dozen pizzas from the always delicious Carluccio's Pizza in Northfield, I visited Mr. Connolly's history class to meet and spend some time the teacher and students.

You can hear my attempts to get a classroom of 14-year-olds excited for their recorded radio greeting by clicking the link below. Who says teachers don't have a hard job?