If you have noticed that it is taking longer to check in for your flight at Atlantic City International Airport, you're not alone.

According to Shore New Today, a press release from the airport attributes the increase in wait times to a shortage of U.S.Transportation Security Administration staff at screening checkpoints at ACY and shortened hours of operation by the TSA.

It is now recommended that you allow at least two hours to check in before departure because of extensive wait times.

As our regular ACY passengers know, we make every effort to expedite the check-in process," said Tim Kroll, the airport’s acting director. "But I can't stress enough how important it is to follow the guidelines from the TSA and airlines. It's especially critical now that the number of air travelers is growing significantly year-over-year."

Passenger volume at ACY for January 2016 was 97,171 versus 92,255 in 2015. February 2016 also showed an increase to 94,184 from 90,235 in 2015.

What's your departure experience been lately at ACY?  Have you noticed an increase in wait times?


Source: Shore News Today