Some stories just break your heart.  Three year-old Danny Feltwell from Margate has one of those stories.  Danny was diagnosed a year ago, at age two, with  cancer... Doctors prescribed a grueling three year treatment plan for Danny to survive the T-cell Lymphoblastic non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  He spent most of his first year fighting the cancer hospitalized due to complications from the chemotherapy.

Dan Feltwell is a single parent and Danny's sole caregiver.  Dan has taken a leave of absence from his job over the last year to care for Danny.  The family has dealt with enormous difficulties, financially and emotionally.

It's a sad story.  But there's an encouraging part to this story too. What's most encouraging is Danny's health has begun to improve over the last year.

Also encouraging is the support the Feltwell Family has begun to receive from the South Jersey community.  Danny cause was the focus of this year's Polar Bear Plunge, sponsored by Robert's Place in Margate.  Now, friends and family have planned a  Beef & Beef benefit at the Margate Log Cabin, Saturday, January 21st from 3-7p.m.

You  can help by buying tickets and attending or by making a donation to help the family. Read more about Danny here...