I spent a fun afternoon in Marilyn Tabasso's classroom meeting the second graders from the Port Republic School.  Mrs. Tabasso is this school year's first Lite Rock teacher of the Month.  Her nominating student, Brandon Minsky said he likes the different creative rules Mrs. Tabasso has and how she adds humor  to make learning fun.  Marilyn Tabasso has been teaching second grade at Port Republic for 28 years so, if you know someone who grew up there, chances are she was their teacher.  We delivered a pizza party to the class courtesy of Cheech Brothers Pizza in Pleasantville and Mays Landing and Mrs Tabasso also won a membership to Island gym and a  Swedish massage from Dr. Lyle M. Back.  For putting in a nomination, Brandon Minsky is in the running for a $2,000 scholarship from Lite Rock.

Mrs' Tabasso's second graders  were very excited as they congratulated her.  Listen below