Most parents don't know Internet slang-- but experts say they need to.

Researchers found that only 8% of parents knew that LMIRL means "let's meet in real life"… a phrase used by predators to encourage strangers to meet up with them.

On average, only one in three parents of 10-18 year olds were able to identify definitions of six popular terms including LMIRL, frape, YOLO, ASL, POS and trolling.

Mothers knew more of the terms than fathers. Experts say it's important that parents know the terms to help keep their kids safe on the Internet.

I took the NetSpeak test and scored a 5 out of 8 questions or 62.5 %.  But, that score includes the definition of LMIRL, which I happened to read in the article in the Daily Mail, U.K. just before taking the test.  I would have gotten that one wrong too, otherwise.

Here's a link to the story and the test, so you try it for yourself.  Check back in the comments section below afterwards and let me know how you did.