The results are in, and, even with some tough competition, "whatever" is the word Americans find most annoying for the third year running.   38% of people surveyed chose "whatever" as the most annoying word used... in casual conversation.  It's hard to argue with that result, isn't it?

Other words on the 2011 Most Annoying List include "like", which 20% dislike, "you know" with a 19% disapproval rating.   11% chose "just saying" and 7% went with "seriously" as the word they most hate hearing.

I would like to propose a few other annoying words and phrases,and I invite you to add your (least) favorites here as well.

- "At the end of the day"  At the end of the day, can we all stop saying at the end of the day?

- "Really?"  This seems to pop up every time something  with which you don't  agree happens.  "She took the last soda out of the fridge.  Really?" " He washed his car after hearing the storm warning.  Really"?

"L.O.L or O.M.G." in conversation.  I can put up with them in your text, but do you have to say them as well.  Really?

Any others?