It's like binge-watching for lovers of live theater.

That's the tag line for a festival making its New Jersey debut in downtown Hammonton this upcoming weekend.

Fifteen theatrical productions will be running live at 13 venues, all within walking distance of the Eagle Theatre.

Festival-goers can buy one-day tickets or weekend passes and squeeze in as many shows as they'd like, jumping from stage to stage.

The New Jersey Fringe Festival launches Friday at 7 p.m. and runs through Sunday evening, taking a page from similar events in New York City and Philadelphia.

"The very definition of 'fringe' is not part of the mainstream," said Ed Corsi, organizer of the event. "Basically, you're seeing plays or performances or one-man or one-woman shows at fringe festivals that you wouldn't see anywhere else."

Among the planned performances:

Antihero — Using parkour and close-quarters stage combat, "Antihero" offers a comedic look at superheroes that eventually turns into a somber look at the effects of violence.

The Last 5 Years — Performed in the reverse round, with the audience in the center, this production tells the story of a struggling couple in New York City.

Almost All My Heart (Photo provided by New Jersey Fringe Festival)

Almost All My Heart — Follow a strange love triangle between two women and a man who may actually be the devil.

Noir: A 4D-3D Semi-Cinematic Satirical Thriller — Get a glimpse into the life of America's worst private detective. Audience members will be treated to real-life action in front of a 3D film.

Mixtape: An Underground Jam — Musicians and vocalists perform selections from multiple genres including musical theater, underground, pop, rock, jazz and blues.

Yo Shortman!!: An Unauthorized Parody — This dramatic interpretation of the cartoon "Hey Arnold" places the characters in gritty and grotesque circumstances.

The schedule has been designed to allow patrons enough time to get from one production to the next. Seeing all 15 shows over the weekend is possible, Corsi said, but it'll be a challenge.

All-access weekend passes are $40. Passes for Friday or Sunday only cost $20; Saturday costs $25.

The festival is also packing the downtown area with options to occupy those who aren't so interested in theater. Food vendors, artists, a beer garden and musicians will be lining the streets, and that's free of charge.

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