Talk about a perception problem.  A stunning 41% of the American public believes the Atlantic City Boardwalk was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy.  The news media gravitates toward... those sensationalistic pictures and reporting during storm coverage and the inaccuracies of that coverage can turn out to be more catastrophic than the storm itself!

You remember that snippet of video of the Atlantic City Boardwalk floating through town at the height of the storm?  All the networks showed it as they referenced the great devastation being dealt to our area.  What they didn't mention was the portion of the boardwalk seen in that video was a small, condemned section of the boardwalk already scheduled for replacement.   Sure, there was plenty of damage in and around Atlantic City, but the casinos and tourist attractions came through the storm relatively unscathed. Chance are you knew that, but does someone who lives across the country or even across the state?

A new national campaign has just been launched to spread the the truth about Atlantic City, but that might take awhile.  The truth is some Atlantic City businesses may not be able to wait that long.  They need help now, they need customers now.  Atlantic City needs you now.  What's in it for you?  Plenty.  The city is the driving force of the local economy with a casino industry that employees 40,000 mostly local people and all of the support businesses that rely on that industry. In one way or another, the success or failure of Atlantic City will impact almost all of us and the people we love.

What can you do?  Do AC!  Get out and shop and play in Atlantic City now. The city has a good promotional plan lined up for holiday fun and plenty of specials to stay overnight, shop, gamble, entertain, eat a good meal.  Have fun and help the city through a rough time all at once.  Do A.C. now!

Here is a press release sent out nationally by the Atlantic City Alliance promoting Atlantic City, its holiday lineup, and the plan to spread the word that we're still here, even after Hurricane Sandy.  It's interesting reading......

Hurricane Sandy interrupted a planned $6 million fall tourism marketing campaign to promote travel to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Beginning Tuesday, November 20, 2012, the Atlantic City Alliance is re-launching - in full force - the tourism recovery campaign to draw visitors immediately to the Jersey Shore resort town.

The popular "Do Anything, Do Everything, Do AC" campaign begins again but with a new television spot, a first-time national ad in the New York Times, and in-market and out-of-market events. The revised Do AC advertising creative focuses on "welcoming" visitors back for holiday shopping and hotel deals. A new citywide value-oriented promotion around restaurants, spas and hotel packages will be announced soon.

Due to the hurricane's storm track, Atlantic City suffered minimal damage and reopened for business after five days. However, Atlantic City continues to see a lag in visitation and revenue due to the historic weather event. The livelihoods of more than 40,000 employees in the 12 casino properties, plus hospitality industry workers at businesses catering to the tourism industry, depend on a strong visitor base.

Atlantic City's national image took a hit due to sensational, out-of-context and (at times) erroneous news reports about the famed Atlantic City Boardwalk, which is still intact and as beautiful as ever. The campaign seeks to promote AC as "open for business" while being sensitive that nearby towns along New Jersey's shoreline sustained serious and long-term damage. According to new research data from a national poll conducted by New Jersey-based Russell Research for the Atlantic City Alliance, a stunning 41% of the American public believes the Atlantic City Boardwalk is destroyed (which is not true!).

Here is what's new:


  • New 30-second television commercial - produced in two days, showcasing the city as open and ready for visitors. The spot begins airing on November 26th.
  • New full-page print advertisement in the New York Times on Wednesday, November 28th featuring the Boardwalk with supplemental digital and email advertising reaching one million people. This is the first national ad for Atlantic City since the new destination campaign launched back in April.
  • New radio spots welcoming visitors back intermixed with the fall image radio campaign.
  • A front-page wrap of the Philadelphia Inquirer
  • An AC-sponsored balloon in the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 22nd.
  • Holiday shopping advertising in three Philadelphia-area malls (Cherry Hill, Exton, PA and Willow Grove, PA)

The advertising campaign includes television, radio, billboards, print ads in newspapers and magazines, digital and a sizable social media effort. The advertising buy is concentrated in the close-by drive markets: New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore DMAs. The PR and social media have a national focus.

Holiday and Boardwalk-centric Events

As part of the effort to welcome visitors back to AC and to promote the Boardwalk (that is intact), the Atlantic City Alliance is organizing a series of events around the holidays and the Boardwalk. They include:

  • On Saturday, December 1st, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) will launch a new $600,000 holiday lighting program and holiday parade in Atlantic City. Plus, a series of shopping events and free gift-wrapping will be available on weekends at each of the casino resorts and at the Wave Parking Garage. For more information, visit
  • At 6 p.m. on Saturday, December 1st, the Atlantic City Alliance will debut a new, 3D light and sound show projected on to the facade of historic Boardwalk Hall called "Winter Sweet." "Winter Sweet" is a free, 8-minute multi-media show that will draw visitors nightly to the Boardwalk. "Winter Sweet" joins "Duality," also a 3D light and sound show. "Duality debuted on historic Boardwalk Hall on July 4th, 2012 and has drawn more than 150,000 visitors to the nightly show. For more information, visit