I'm sure snow lovers are not happy with how things went this winter. It seems like we got away with only having a couple of snow events, which I for one, am absolutely thrilled about.

But hey, if you're keeping track, Wednesday, March 20th is the official start to Spring 2019! And we all know that a sure sign that spring has arrived in South Jersey is free Rita's Italian Ice!  You can get you FREE Rita's Italian Ice from Noon to 9 PM on the first day of Spring.

Each person will receive their Free Rita's in a limited edition spring cup to celebrate the first day of spring! Last year, Rita's gave away over 1 million cups of their Italian Ice.

Every year without fail, I find myself at the Northfield location, waiting in line for my freebie. There's another close location in Absecon too! In fact, there are over 100 Rita's in the Garden State. Rita's has been giving away free Italian Ice for over 20 years!

Now, I have an immense craving for mango Italian Ice for lunch...

Source: Rita's.com

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