Dogs care, cats don't.  It might sound like I'm oversimplifying things, but that's the way it is. Cats just don't care and they never will.  You can love them for that approach to life or you can choose not to; as I've said, the cat doesn't really care.

Somehow over the generations, humans have been successful domesticating dogs to (mostly) come when called.  Cats?  Did I mention that they don't care?

According to a kitty study from the University of Tokyo reported in The Independent, U.K., cats can recognize their owners' voices, but choose to ignore them.... and it's due to evolution.

Researchers analyzed cats responses when their owners and others called to them. The cats were much more responsive to their owners' calls.

BUT... The cats actually choose to ignore their owners because cats domesticated themselves thousands of years ago, so they weren't domesticated to take human orders like dogs.

What's your opinion on this study and my theory that cats...well, they just don't care? Comments, please!