If you're in your 50s or 60s you may remember the Heidi Game, or at least you've heard of it. It was one of the most amazing finishes to a professional football game... that most Americans never saw. A universally panned decision by NBC to switch away from the game to televise the film Heidi, caused millions of Americans to miss the end of the game -- where the Oakland Raiders came back to beat the New York Jets. Of course this was 1968 so there were no smart phones, no internet, no NFL package on Direct TV.

Well, guess what? It happened again yesterday. The Baltimore Sun's television blogger David Zurawik does a fantastic job of explaining how the local CBS affiliate in Baltimore yesterday decided to leave an extra innings game to air 60 Minutes.

But this wasn't just any game. The Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox went 17 innings. Each team ran out of pitchers.

Check out the highlights below from MLB and then weigh in.