The Christmas countdown is on and so is the stress of the holiday season. If you're a procrastinator just like me, I'm sure you're not looking forward to putting up your Christmas decorations in the cold this weekend.

Every year, I make a halfhearted effort to put up the Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving, and every year I wind up putting it off for another weekend. Of course, the day after Thanksgiving this year, it was close to 50 degrees. This weekend, I will be freezing my you know what off as I struggle to put up the holiday decorations.

Our Lite Rock Meteorologist Dan Zarrow is calling for the coldest temperatures in South Jersey since February of 2015. The Arctic chill is coming and my timing for hanging up the lights couldn't have been worse!

FYI: Lite Rock's Christmas Lights Contest is on!  Since you take so much time and care designing and constructing your holiday displays, we want to show them off!

Submit photos of your Christmas lights or holiday display and you could win a romantic dinner on us! Good Luck and stay warm this weekend!

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