It's the holiday season and you know what that means.  Lots and lots of yummy goodies.

The website surveyed Americans to find out their favorite holiday treats and then, broke the list down state-by-state.

Overall, Americans' sixth favorite holiday treat is Pecan Pie.

Believe it or not, the much-maligned fruit cake is the 5th most popular holiday treat.

The 4th most popular holiday treat is a classic --- candy canes.  (By the way, candy canes are #1 in Kentucky). says that Delaware's favorite holiday treat is tied for 4th nationwide.  It's gingerbread.

Take white chocolate and add pieces of peppermint candy and you have the 3rd most popular holiday treat --- peppermint bark.

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America's 2nd most popular holiday treat is eggnog.

And finally, says the most popular holiday treat in America (and in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania) is something that's mentioned in at least 2 classic Christmas songs.

Have you figured it out?

It's pumpkin pie.

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