If some city residents get their way, The Wildwoods could have one less "Wildwood" in the near future.

The Leader of the Wildwoods / Shore News Today reports North Wildwood City Council has received a petition from over 100 residents, property owners, and summer guests asking that they change North Wildwood's name back to Anglesea, the city's original name.

According to Wikipedia, back in the summer of 1885, what is now North Wildwood was originally the Borough of Anglesea. On May 16, 1906, Anglesea became the Borough of North Wildwood. In 1917, the area was reincorporated as the City of North Wildwood.

The article says city council could simply vote on changing the name, but Scott Jett, the City Clerk, suggests the residents of North Wildwood should vote on the name change in November.

Should North Wildwood change its name back to Anglesea? Voice your opinion in the comments section below!

SOURCES: The Leader of the Wildwoods/Shore News Today, Wikipedia


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