It's been a month since I wrote my blog, "Is It Really August Already??", and now here it is September!  September is a bittersweet month for me.  It signals the final weeks of summer and (later this month) the beginning of fall.  And that's a hard pill for a summer girl to swallow.

But there is a bright (sunny) side to September.  After all, September at the Jersey Shore is a truly beautiful time of year.  The ocean is warm and so are the days.  If you think September days are not beach days, then you don't know what you're missing, my friend.  As locals know, September is a welcome time at the beach.  The crowds have thinned considerably and so has the traffic to get to the beach.  Finding a decent parking space is no longer a challenge, and you can sit on the beach without someone practically sitting on top of you.  It's nice to have some room to spread out again!

I like to think of September as August--Part II.  Instead of the beginning of fall, I prefer to focus on getting in as many more beach days as I possibly can, for as long as I possibly can.  It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.  And that somebody might as well be me.  :)