Last month I couldn't believe it was July already.  And now here it is August!  What happened??  And where did July go??

July flew by, but I must say it was a good month.  In the summer months, if I get to the beach on my days off, then I consider that to be a very good month.  The beach is pretty much all that matters to me in the summer.  Sure, there are lots of things to do in the summer at the Jersey shore.  But I leave most of those things for the tourists to enjoy.  I'm too busy working...and going to the beach when I'm not working.  That's pretty much it.  I have managed to see a few live bands outside, which is always nice.  It's even nicer when the place is located near the water.  I got to see a local reggae band outside recently, which is a totally fun summer thing to do.  I haven't been to the Boardwalk yet this summer, but that's OK.  I can wait till after the season for that, so I can walk without stepping on people (and people stepping on me!  Not fun.)

No doubt this summer is going way too fast.  But there are always beach towels hanging out to dry on my porch, and there's plenty of sand in my car.  So as far as I'm concerned, it's been a very good summer so far.  :)