If this quarantine has proven one thing, we are not a species that is meant to be locked up in isolation because myself as well as MANY others are really starting to lose it.

One of my coworkers actually sent me the link to a cool Facebook Page that has A LOT of cool ideas of how to stay entertained while staying home.

The page is Libby's Outdoor Maintenance and they get really creative with typical household items so you can partake without going out in public! How perfect!

You are going to want to check out her page but here are a few of my favorite ideas:

1. Ring Toss

Libby's Outdoor Maintenance FB Page

This simple game uses paper towel rolls and paper plates! You can even have an "arts and crafts session" to decorate your "rings" prior to playing!

2. Balloon Tennis

Libby's Outdoor Maintenance FB Page

Don't let the balloon touch the ground. That is a very serious game in my culture. You can go the extra mile and set up a mini "court" in your house using cushions, couches and pillows!

3. Target Golf

Libby's Outdoor Maintenance FB Page

All you need is a cardboard box, a few markers and a few golf balls! You can put together a big tournament between you and your family OR you can use this little contraption to settle family debates. Who is going to unload the dishwasher? Step up to your Target Golf and decide by playing a round!

4. At-Home Skee-Ball

Libby's Outdoor Maintenance FB Page

How cute is this!? I know you may not have those color balls on hand but any ball you have laying around the house will do. Just grab a few laundry baskets -- preferably ones without any clothes in them -- and start your target practice!

5. Mission Impossible

Libby's Outdoor Maintenance FB Page

I am seriously reliving my childhood while writing this post. Pick a narrow area of your home and entangle that area with toilet paper. To make it even better, put a cookie or balloon at the end of the hallway so there is a prize that must be retrieved and brought back through the chaos of toilet paper.

6. At-Home Racetrack

Libby's Outdoor Maintenance FB Page

This activity has a lot of opportunity to get creative. You can use tape or chalk to mark your road lines and you can legally have traffic go throughout your entire house! But watch out for those at-home police officers!

7. Giant Tic Tac Toe

Libby's Outdoor Maintenance FB Page

A few plates and a few line markers and you are good to go. If you get bored of this game after a few rounds, kick it up a notch and play that you have to toss your pieces onto the board. It will make it a bit more unpredictable!

Once again....a BIG shout out to Libby's Outdoor Maintenance's Facebook Page for all of these amazing ideas. And believe it or not, these aren't even all of them!

So take a look so you can find the perfect game for you and your family!

Stay safe and healthy!

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