With the exception of a few years of inactivity in the 1980′s, The Doobie Brothers have soldiered along, playing their mix of roots, blues and country-influenced rock ‘n’ roll music, since 1970.

The Doobies come to Harrahs Atlantic City next Friday, January 31st.

This is the classic line-up of the band; not to be confused with the slicker,soulful sound The Doobie Brothers developed during their years with singer Michael McDonald.

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This morning’s holdover question: The next month will be the busiest time of the year for this business, with a 30% spike in business.  What is the business?

This question was very challenging!  I gave two hints to help...1-The answer has to do with making a change in your life. 2- This business has only been in business for about 20 years.

The answer?  On-line dating companies.

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