This week on Lite Rock Impossible Trivia, I'm giving you the chance to see Journey with The Steve Miller Band and Tower of Power this Sunday, June 22nd at the Susquehanna Bank Center.

Here is a portion of a review of Journey in concert from East Chapman of the New England Music News. which gives you a good feeling for what you're in for, if you win tickets this week on Lite Rock.

"Combining their old classics with newer tunes, the setlist was familiar but fresh and always true to Journey's signature sound.

Journey is as much fun to watch as they are to hear. While lead vocalist Arnel Pineda wins hands down for energy, every member of the band looks happy to be playing these songs for the upteenth time. And why not? The crowd was clearly joyful as they sang along, often looking to one another as if to say "Do you remember when...?"

Neal Schon, original lead guitarist, and mastermind behind those iconic riffs that make Journey songs so recognizable, played to the crowd, literally letting us see how he makes the music. Performing a full onslaught electric guitar version of "The Star-Spangled Banner" on the truss in the middle of the crowd, Schon was brilliant.

Jonathan Cain, longtime member, switched between keyboards and rhythm guitar and added harmonies and vocals as well as depth. Ross Valory, original bass player, was understated, giving an unflappable and determined performance all while slyly interacting with the audience. Drummer Deen Castronovo was jamming from the very start, squeezing everything from that drum kit and looking happy as hell.

And then there is Arnel Pineda. A powerhouse of vitality with huge vocal range and ability, Pineda connected to the crowd immediately.

Speaking with fans, everyone knew his YouTube story and had seen his taped performances. Based on fan reaction, he was not only accepted, he was embraced by longtime fans. I particularly enjoyed his renditions of massive hits "Faithfully" and "Open Arms." I've never been a ballad fan, but Pineda added a bit of twist here and there, opening the vocals towards the blues and updating the pieces while never leaving the original too far behind. He owned those songs."

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This morning's question:Slightly more than one in ten Americans went to one of these over the weekend.  What is it?

The answer?  (A yard/garage sale)

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