Looks like the first snow of the 2018 holiday season is in the forecast for South Jersey.  Driving conditions could become slippery for your afternoon drive home.

Our Lite Rock meteorologist Dan Zarrow is calling for the potential of 3 to 4 inches for Atlantic, Cumberland and southern Ocean County.

With that in mind, here are some driving tips from NJ.gov to help you navigate  South Jersey roads if you must be out in a storm this winter.


  • 1

    Put the Phone Down

    This should be a no-brainer since it's against the law to use your phone while you're driving at any time. Put down your phone and pay attention when the roads are covered with ice and snow.

  • 2

    Slow Down and Don't Tailgate

    Speeding is never a good idea. Slow down and watch for lower speed limits due to the weather on the Parkway, Expressway and Turnpike. Also, don't tailgate. In winter weather, give yourself at least 8 to 10 seconds behind the car in front of you. Be aware of snowplow trucks on the road. Also, exit ramps on extra slippery in winter weather, proceed with caution.

  • 3

    Clean Off Your Car

    This is now a law in New Jersey. All drivers must remove and clear all snow and ice from their vehicles before they hit the road. You can face a fine of up to $75 if you don't. This INCLUDES the top of your car.

  • 4

    Use Turn Signals

    Turn signals are there for a reason, people. Be sure to use them.

  • 5

    Wipers on? Your Headlights Should be Also!

    If your wipers are on, your headlights need to be on as well.

    Also, don't brake or accelerate if you skid. Take your foot off the gas pedal and steer your car in the direction of the skid slowly. Carefully straighten out the wheel when your car moves in the direction you want it to go.