Women really do love their shoes. Here is a breakdown of just how much, by the numbers.

And a new survey conducted by ShoeBuy.com confirms what has long been expected: many women straight-up lie to men when it comes to their shoe purchases.


The study of 1,000 women ages 35-44 found:

- 20% admit they're more aroused by new shoes than by their significant others. You may want to read that statistic a second time, guys. There's a chance your woman is more turned on by her shoes than she is by you.

- 50% admit to judging someone based on their shoes (among those, 50% were negative).

- 25% won't take heels off, no matter the pain (even if it means popping a pill for relief). Really, girls?

- Nearly a third of women buy four to seven pairs of shoes annually, meaning they buy 500 over a lifetime.

- Half are willing to lie about what they really paid for a pair of shoes.


Research shows that women do outspend men $534 to $205 on personal care and services (shoes included). But men spend more on alcohol, so women likely save less because they earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by men.