It's time to go behind-the-name of another South Jersey town. This city is one of the most popular summer destinations in the Garden State. Welcome to the island city of Brigantine!

According to Wikipedia, Brigantine was originally called Brigantine Beach Borough, which was formed from a portion of Galloway Township in the summer of 1890. The first name change for the city occurred in 1897. Brigantine Beach Borough officially became known as Brigantine City until April of 1914 when it was renamed East Atlantic City. It wasn't until the Spring 1924 when the name Brigantine officially became the name of the city.

Brigantine got it's name from the shipwrecks that happened in the area. A 'brigantine' is actually a sailing vessel.

I love taking the bridge into Brigantine when I really need to get away from work for a bit. I'm ready for work again after having lunch at Mad Dog Morgans and then ice cream at Aunt B's!

What's your favorite part of Brigantine?

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