Nik Wallenda is scheduled to take another perilous walk on a high wire today.  At 3p.m., Nik, whose  compulsion to put himself in harm's way seems to have have been inbred through the generations, will balance... high above the Atlantic City beach on a clothes line, wearing a pair of slippers and carrying a broom stick.  He might not agree with my description, but it's close enough to the truth for me.

I explored some of the history behind Mr. Wallenda and his famous family, including his much publicized trek across Niagara Falls on a wire this summer, in an earlier blog on

Here is the conversation I had with the daredevil this morning,  just hours before his latest stunt.  You'll hear his description of the Niagara Falls walk and what he has planned for today in Atlantic City.  You will also hear me try my best to talk some sense in to the man about all this silliness on a high wire.  Do you think I could talk him out of his latest stunt with a little one-on-one reasoning?  Of course not!  But, I tried.  At least I tried.

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