Brokers at Meryl Lynch  or Morgan Stanley would be well-advised to keep tabs on the business class... at Holy Spirit High School for investment tips.  Three Spirit seniors; Tori Light Kiersten Stone and Amelia Suarez, took second place in a virtual online investing game last semester.

Did you happen to see this story in the Press of Atlantic City?  I think this is the coolest thing!  The students earned  $16,128 in eight weeks to finish second out of 567 teams in South Jersey and in 14th out of almost 2700 teams on the East Coast.

Each team was given a virtual pot of $100,000 to invest for up to 10 weeks, so the Holy Spirit team brought in a better than Warren Buffet return of over 16%.  Very impressive!

The game is part of Holy Spirit Teacher Marty Cortellessa's way of introducing real life money situations into the business curriculum.  What a cool idea!  I wish I had this chance in high school.

Cortellessa says the students investing strategy was to buy stocks from products they liked and knew would do good business around the Christmas shopping season One of the companies they picked was Keurig, makers of those super-popular one-cup-at-a-time coffee makers.  Smart move, ladies!  Congratulations on your success.  By the way, I could use a good investment team....