It's getting close to holiday crunch time with only 11 shopping days left until the 25th.  Here are some tips on what to look out for as you frantically try to finish your Christmas list.

Gift Card Scams--- Try to buy gift cards from the stores themselves. Don't buy from someone selling them because they're usually stolen empty gift cards.

Email shopping schemes--- This happens when an email from your favorite store pops up in your inbox the says 75% off today only. Don't click on it. Delete it without replying to... Hackers and spammers impersonate stores to get financial info from people.

Unsecured websites. Don't  buy from a store that doesn't use SSL on the credit card page. Sites that have SSL connection start with https instead of http.

Your web browser should show a lock symbol. This will help show that your info isn't being sent over the internet. Also, the online store shouldn't need you Social Security number.

Hope this helps.  Happy Holidays!