Gas prices have been going up so quickly in the last month, it's hard to keep track.  One day last week, I passed the gas station I normally use and considered stopping because I had less than a quarter of a tank. But I was a little rushed for time, so I decided I would stop back later in the day.  By that afternoon, the price of gas had increased 3 cents... a gallon from the price the station was offering that morning!  As bad as things might seem here in New Jersey, trust me, it's much worse in some other places.  Last weekend on a trip to Connecticut, I saw gas prices as high as $4.43 a gallon!

Here in New Jersey, the price for a gallon of gas has gone up over 21 cents a gallon in the last month to an average of $3.82.

Ask why gas is so expensive and you'll get a host of reasons; Hurricane Issac, the declining dollar, supply and demand, commodity traders... Regardless, the prices are ridiculously high and you could use some help finding the most affordable gasoline. Did you know that when you buy your gas makes a difference in the cost?

According to Time Magazine, the best time to buy gas is between 8-10a.m., because that's before most gas stations have raised their prices for the day, which  usually happens between 10a.m. and noon.

What's the best day to buy your gas?  Wednesday!  Surveys show Wednesday is the day when the gas prices are usually at their lowest for that week.  The price hikes often start on Thursdays, right before the weekend drive time and before most people typically fill up their tank on Friday.  So try to get your gas on Wednesday morning to maximize the savings and make the best of a bad situation.

One more tip for New Jersey drivers. The gas prices on the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike are based on a weekly survey of gas stations elsewhere in New Jersey and are only allowed to increase once a week.  That change is Friday morning at 7a.m.  If gas prices have been going up all week, make sure you get your gas at the Parkway rest stop before Friday morning!