Would you like pepperoni on your pizza? How 'bout pepperoni pizza on your bedding?  HUH?!?!

Pizza Bedding (Photo Courtesy: ebowstore.bigcartel.com)

If you're looking for a gift for someone who has everything, look no further!!  The answer to your gift-giving dilemma is here.  It's Pepperoni Bedding!  Now your bed can look like a big 'ole pepperoni pizza.  Just what you always wanted, I'm sure.

I must admit it is a conversation piece in a strange sorta way (very strange).  And although I don't eat pepperoni on my pizza, I do love my pizza.  So, I was wondering if looking at it on my bed every night might make me hungry (or nauseous).  Not sure really, but the pillow cases are kinda cute, don't ya think?

And on the plus side...if you do plan on eating pizza in bed, no one will notice if you drop some on your bed.  Nice.  :)