Powerball fever has struck!  The last I checked, the jackpot for Wednesday night's multi-state Powerball Lottery had reached an all-time record $500 million! That's a lot of green, if you... know what I mean!!

How can we increase our chances of winning, however so slightingly, and have some fun in the process?  Let's try to pick the winning numbers together.

Here's what I'm proposing.  Please pay close attention: it would be a shame to miss out on your share of all that cash just because you didn't follow some simple rules.

In the comments section below, give me your choice for one number for a collective lottery ticket between six Lite Rock listeners and me.  The first five responding for every ticket will pick a number between 1 - 59.  The sixth person choosing will pick that ticket's Powerball number, between 1 - 35.  When you make your choice, leave the number your guessing in quotations (example.."46") along with your name, e-mail address & phone number.  I will have to contact you if our ticket comes up a winner! I also think it would be cool to read what you would do with the money if you won a 1/6 share of $500 million, so include your plans for your winnings after your contact information!

When one ticket is full, begin a new ticket.  One entry and one number choice only per reader, but feel free to share this with your friends and family.  I will pick as many as ten ticket collectives at random from all those entered and purchase those tickets before Wednesday's night grand prize drawing.

Please be careful filling out your number choice!  If anyone on your ticket chooses an ineligible number or messes up the process, that entire ticket collective will be eliminated at the start.  So make sure you fill out all the information carefully and good luck to us all!

You are welcome to check back to see who else is on your ticket and the numbers they've chosen.  I will post the ten ticket collectives names and numbers I chose and let you see how they fared Thursday morning.