Lynsey McAuliffe wants some closure.  The 35-year-old Egg Harbor Township woman wants  to know what happened… to cause the Sea Tow boat her husband was captaining to sink in 10-foot seas last week.

David McAuliffe, an experienced and federally licensed captain with 10 years of experience with Sea Tow Services is still missing and is presumed dead.

The Cape Hatteras was found Thursday off the coast of Ocean City, east of the Great Egg Harbor Inlet.The boat is temporarily on a barge in the Ship Channel off Somers Point.

The barge will be moved this week to the Avalon Marine Center, where the boat will undergo a through investigation.

Coast Guard investigators are focusing on the propellers of the Cape Hatteras, which are bent and twisted, indicating the boat hit something harder than sand.

Lynsey McAuliffe told the Press of Atlantic City,  “The propellers were shredded. If the propellers were shredded, that means that he lost steering capability.  If they took one rogue wave, then they could have sunk.”

The emotional McAuliffe continues to hope for more information on the whereabouts or fate of her husband, while offering other boaters a warning to be careful in the area where his boat went down.