Atlantic City opened Steel Pier on June 18, 1898, which means that Steel Pier is 117 years old today!  Can you believe it??

To say that Steel Pier has been through a lot is an understatement.  In 1904, a storm washed away part of the pier, but it was eventually rebuilt.  In 1924 Steel Pier was damaged by a fire, but once again it was repaired.  Another fire in 1969 shortened the pier.  And yet another fire in 1882 destroyed the original wooden pier.  The current concrete structure was built in 1993.

Back in the day, Steel Pier hosted a variety of attractions, including dance bands, movie theaters, exhibits, operas, children's shows, a water circus, popular musicians, and stunts.  By far one of the most interesting attractions was the High Diving Horse.  Several years ago I knew a woman who told me she was one of the riders on the Diving Horse.  I always wondered whether she was pulling my leg!  So one day I looked her up on Facebook and messaged her.  She confirmed that she did indeed ride the Diving Horse on Steel Pier.  Pretty impressive, huh??

Steel Pier is still open today and features a variety of rides and attractions.  Steel Pier celebrated its 110th anniversary seven years ago, and today marks its 117th birthday.  Happy B-day, Steel Pier...You look fabulous!!  Visit a piece of Atlantic City history...and Do Steel Pier.  :)