Daryl Hall and John Oates have announced they will be donating all profits from this Saturday's concert at Borgata to the... American Red Cross, to benefit those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The award winning duo, who have a sold out show scheduled for  Borgata Casino this Saturday, December 1st, will also be selling a special event t-shirt at the show and donating those proceeds to the cause as well!  Says Daryl Hall, " This really means a lot to me.  These are my people that got hurt.  This is my neighborhood".

What a cool thing for Daryl and John to do, don't you agree?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

By the way, even though you can't buy tickets to Saturday's show, you can still win them mornings at 7:20a, and afternoons at 5pm on Lite Rock this week!

Here's a good video of a classic Hall and Oates song...