Les Mills' BodyPump is the original barbell workout. It's now offered in more 10,000 health-clubs and gyms around the globe. I started taking BodyPump several years ago and now I teach it.  And I'm hooked...and pumped!

When I got out of college I joined a gym and started using free weights.  I really enjoyed lifting weights and feeling stronger.  But eventually I began to get bored and I decided to try classes instead.  Classes aren't for everyone, but for me I needed the motivation of a group.  I stumbled upon BodyPump class quite by accident.  I was looking for an early morning class when my kids were little.  BodyPump fit into my busy schedule, and because I enjoyed weight work and wanted to keep up with it, BodyPump worked for me.  It's also very structured.  And while some people may prefer a less-structured class, that's one of the things I love about BodyPump.

You can literally go to any gym in the world and follow a BodyPump class.  That's certainly not the case with a less-structured class, like Hip Hop.  Unless you are a really quick learner and/or very coordinated, and I am neither!  And don't let free weights and a barbell scare you away. You can tone and shape your muscles and increase your strength and endurance without bulking up.  No need to worry about that!  And with a history of osteoporosis in my family, working out with weights is just what the doctor ordered.  So try Les Mills' BodyPump.  And Pump It Up!!  :)