Did you get your beach tag yet??  If you didn't and you need one for your beach, you'd better get on it!!

Beach tag fees are different for every town that requires a tag.  You probably know which towns require one and which towns don't.  If you're not sure, Google it and find out now.  But hurry!  Seasonal beach tag prices generally go up after May 31st, which is only a few days away.
I posted a pic of my brand new beach tag on my Facebook page, and apparently I'm not the only person who is excited about the beach season.  I can't wait to get out there and use it!  My beach tag for Margate / Ventnor cost me seven bucks for the season. I'm not very good in math, but I figured it out and if I get to the beach twice a week through Labor Day, the cost per day is about a quarter!  Yup...twenty-five cents!  I figure that's a small price to pay for my little piece of paradise.  :)