Lite Rock's latest getaway from your everyday workday takes you and a friend to London, England. 

While you are in London, you're almost sure to see some of the best-known attractions like Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London.  We won't be talking about any of those here today.

My suggestions are for some more unusual, but memorable couples events for a day off the beaten path in London.  Without fail, my favorite memories of traveling to distant and interesting places, are the times spent doing stuff a little outside the proverbial box.

With that in mind, how does a little roller disco sound?  Or perhaps you would like to spend a day in London rowing a boat at Battersea Park, tea dancing, cocktail bowling, crazy golfing or partaking in a spirited game of ping pong?

All of these options and more are spelled out on, a sight which features fun things for dates in and around London.


Make sure you are signed up for Lite Rock's Workday Getaway to London and listen for your name to win.  Good luck!