A former Galloway Township police officer has pleaded guilty to aggravated assault charges in connection to assaulting a woman with whom he had a relationship with.

54-year-old Raymond Glick of Galloway Township pleaded guilty Tuesday to 3rd degree aggravated assault under a plea agreement that will have him serving 220 days in prison.

Glick attacked the unnamed women inside the Galloway home both shared causing serious bodily injury.  Back on March 20th, officers responded to ARMC-City to investigate a report that a woman was being treated for injuries as a victim of domestic violence. The victim's injuries included multiple fractures of facial bones.

Tuesday morning, Glick pleaded guilty before a superior court judge. In addition to his 220 day prison sentence, Glick will serve a to-be-determined period of probation, he can no longer work for Galloway Township, nor own a firearm and he must give up his New Jersey Firearms Identification Card.